BONUS - Straight Line Sales Method

By far the best sales course I've ever gone through, built by the "Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort. I got access to these videos a few years ago and it changed my sales skills forever. This is a $5,000 course, we're passing it to you guys for FREE.
BONUS - Straight Line Sales Method
The Art of Prospecting: 5 Keys to Sales Mastery
42 mins
Mastering Tonality: How to Capture Attention in 4 Seconds Flat
(1h 09m 59s)
Being a Visionary: The True Secret to Success
54 mins
The Inner Game of Sales: Aligning the Forces that Creating Lasting Results
47 mins
The Straight Line System: The Master Formula for Controlling the Sale
(1h 03m 05s)
The Art of Qualifying: Asking the Right Questions
(1h 15m 45s)
The Presentation: The Power of the Three
(1h 38m 02s)
The Power of Language: Cutting Through to the Close
35 mins
Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Create Customers for Life
35 mins