3.3.0 - Intro to the Content Module

Content is a HUGE part of SEO success.
  1. Gives us “linkable” assets and outreach tools to grab more links, build relationships with influencers and topical authority in a field.
  2. Builds out depth / topical relevance on a website for additional structure, improved UX.
  3. Gives us shareable / promotable assets that people actually care about (social, email, etc) and differentiate your brand from others.
  4. Gives us an opportunity to rank for additional keywords (top, mid and bottom funnel), quickly as well.
  5. Gives us an ongoing deliverable / value add to extend contract value with clients. It’s a tangible asset that clients of all sophistication levels understand and place value on. 

Module 3.3 - Content Strategy and Campaigns

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