August 2020 Release Notes: Project Management FTW 🎉
August 14, 2020
Since the Blueprint Add-on for Sheets launched last month, we've gotten a ton of great feedback + feature requests from the community.

We've heard you loud and clear, and have some big updates to the Add-on to share:

1) New Project Management functionality
The Add-on now takes PM automation to the next level:

  • One-click copying of Project Plan templates for clients
  • Ability to add a new task from the sidebar, no matter what Sheet you're working in
  • Customize a list of subfolders you'd like to create anytime you add a new client
  • Ability to de-activative + re-activate clients
We're really looking forward to building on this foundation - the Add-on format gives us a *lot* of room to bring you new PM automations.

2) Add-on subscriptions now available to anyone (not just Blueprint members)
When we launched the Add-on, it was only available to full Blueprint members.  That's because it came out of the box with *every* Blueprint template baked-in.

If you've already purchased the full Blueprint, you can upgrade to the Add-on here.

But based on popular demand, we're happy to announce that the Add-on is now available to non-Blueprint members too! 

We call this new plan "Project Management-only", and it includes access to all of the glorious PM features mentioned above, as well as the classic features of managing clients, team members and tasks through the Add-on.

If you don't have a need for the full Blueprint, but still want to take advantage of the Add-on, you can pick up the Project Management-only Add-on here.  

3) Adding your own Custom Templates
You can now add your own Custom Template URLs to the Add-on, which will make them available to one-click copy for your clients.

This is helpful if you make a lot of customizations to your templates - thanks @Skyler Reeves for the idea. 

4) The Analytics Audit template is now available in the Add-on!
It allows you to run 10 Google Analytics QC queries in one button press - some lovely automation in there.

5) And some bug fixes to share
Thanks to Russ and Andres for keeping Blueprint templates + the Add-on running smoothly:

  • Website Quality Audit: Fix for instances where crawl data was snapshotted then deleted.
  • Adding team members: can now be added with any email domain (previously validation was limited to traditional .com, .org etc domains)

6) Update on pricing
A lot Full Blueprint members have been asking for free access to the Add On. Unfortunately, that's not an option.

To be honest, we spent a small fortune developing the Add-on, and we need to make sure Ryan's  house doesn't get repossessed.  

From early feedback, we know the Add-on delivers *insane* value, and really takes the Blueprint experience into the 22nd century. We're currently asking $49/month (or $499/year) for access to the Add On, it's a small price to pay for the amount of time it will save you.


That's all for this month!  Feel free to ping us in Slack with any questions, or in the comments here.

 David, Ryan, Andres and Russ
 The Blueprint Training Team
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Hayden Bingham

Can we get the free access to the Addon if we already purchased the Blueprint?

The Blueprint Training

Hey Hayden - the Add On is paid for all, including Full Blueprint members. I realize how that might have been confusing (seeing as how this announcement was written), so I updated the last section for clarity.

Team Plan (Up to 15 Members)

$99 / month
$990 / year (save 17%)
Includes access to 1 product:
Get access

Project Management-only

$49 / month
$499 / year (save 15%)
For teams who are *not* full Blueprint members, but still want to access PM functionality in the Add-on.
Includes access to 2 products:
Get access

Team Plan (Up to 5 Members)

$49 / month
$499 / year (save 15%)
For full Blueprint members who are upgrading to the Add-on.
Includes access to 1 product:
Get access