Module 2.1 - Website Quality Audit by The Blueprint Training
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Module 2.1 - Website Quality Audit

The swiss army knife of SEO tools - part technical audit, part content analysis, part project plan builder.
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What's included?

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Start here
Tools, templates, SOPs and links
The WQA Overview
10 mins
Running the WQA (Add-On)
8 mins
Running the WQA (Legacy Version)
11 mins
Cleaning the WQA
3 mins
Defining "Category" page types
13 mins
Assigning "Category" page types
10 mins
Defining "URL Actions"
13 mins
Assigning "URL Actions" (Example 1)
30 mins
Assigning "URL Actions" (Example 2)
25 mins
Full WQA Review
26 mins
Next Steps
Creating "Action Items"
6 mins
Client presentation deck
5 mins
Campaign next steps
2 mins
Bonus Material
Defining site info architecture items
Traffic Loss Analysis

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