Module 2.3 - Keyword Research for EXISTING Pages by The Blueprint Training
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Module 2.3 - Keyword Research for EXISTING Pages

Find a wealth of keyword opportunities lying in plain sight, with our Google Sheets template.
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What's included?

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Tools, Templates, SOPs and Links
Keyword Research Overview
5 mins
Setting Up The File
6 mins
Verifying Keywords
13 mins
KW Research Tactics Overview
2 mins
KW Research Tactic #1
11 mins
KW Research Tactic #2
22 mins
KW Research Tactic #3
12 mins
Understanding Keyword Intent
16 mins
Adding Supporting Data
14 mins
Data Viz
11 mins
Additional Resources
Keyword Research Case Study - WEBRIS
36 mins
Keyword Research Case Study - Laces Out
10 mins