I use a number of tools throughout this training - I did my best to find all FREE ones, but some of they are not. The one main tool I STRONGLY suggest you pay for is SEM Rush. In my mind, it's the only link building tool you need. However, here's a complete list of all the tools I use on a regular basis and the ones throughout this training.


🏆 = Must have tools

Testing the quality of link opportunities:

  • SEM Rush - $89.95/month - SEM Rush gives you back link data, keyword rankings and estimated traffic to a given domain. This is incredibly important for link building because a quality link drives traffic. SEM Rush is the only tool that gives an accurate picture of traffic potential.

    NOTE: Ahrefs has made incredible strides over the last year and can be used instead of SEM Rush. While I still recommend having both, if you're on a budget go with Ahrefs. 

  • Moz Bar - FREE - This browser extension helps to understand the Domain Authority of a prospect. DA is scored on a range of 100 - the higher, the better. It's best to stay away from low DA websites, as they won't provide much ranking impact. 
  • Bulk Domain Authority Checker - FREE - Allows you to dump up to 200 URLs and scrape their DA, PR, IP and more.
  • Majestic SEO - FREE - This browser extension helps to analyze how many backlinks are pointing to a link prospect and the quality of that link prospect.
  • Similar Web - FREE - This browser extension helps you understand the total level of traffic flowing through a prospective domain. 
Finding an email address:

Tools to help with outreach:

  • Boomerang - FREE - Schedules auto follow up emails from your Gmail.
  • Steak - FREE - CRM and inbox organization for Gmail.
  • Pitchbox - PAID - this tool is the most expensive on the list, but if you're doing outreach at scale it's the #1 tool we recommend. 
Tools to find link prospects:

  • Pitch Rate - FREE - Similar to HARO, it connects journalists with people looking for a story.
  • HARO - FREE - Send you journalists looking for help with their stories (in exchange for a link).
  • Mention - PAID - Tracks mentions of your name, brand or website across the web.
  • Hey Press - FREE  - Search for reporters that cover a certain topic.
  • Citation Labs - PAID - Tool that uses search operators to do prospecting on your behalf (NOTE: I still prefer to use VAs).
  • Blog Dash - PAID - Website that aggregates paid blogger opportunities (in my video extras I give you a hack to get it for free).
  • Tomoson - PAID - Website that connects you with bloggers looking for product promo opportunities.

Module 4.1 - Link Prospecting & Outreach

100+ actionable videos detailing how to build links in every niche, at scale. 

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